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Thundercall New Server Event

New Server events for the new launch 

The Thundercall Carnival is here for just 7 days! See what amazing stuffs await you!


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DAY 1 Mount Upgrading: Upgrade mounts to collect amazing prizes
DAY 2 Goddess Bondin: Worship with your gorgeous Goddesses
DAY 3 Pet Grow: Upgrade pets to get more rewards
DAY 4 The Ranking: Level up to the top make your hero unbeatable 
DAY 5 Guild Boost: Creat the most powerful guild and win the siege battle
DAY 6 King of Battle: Upgrade B.R. to collect super rewards

DAY 7 The Wings: Upgrade wings to make you stronger

Day 1 : Mount Upgrading

Time: The first day when a new server is open

Summary: Is there any feeling more grand, more noble, than to stride across the land atop a four-legged friend? Through the mount system, you acquire a powerful beast to move through the world at greater speed. Mounts boost character stats and can strengthen your character to triumph!


Day 2: Goddess Bondin

Time: The second day when a new server is open

Summary: Many beautiful goddess in Thundercall will make everyone beckoning. Here, "Goddess, fight for me!" is more than a slogan. Goddess will be owned players veritably. You can touch the stunning beauty!!


Day 3: Pet Grow

Time: The third day when a new server is open

Summary: Your pet in thundercall play a very important role. Different pets have different properties, and some can help you get experience bonus; some may pick up  additional magic crystal; some may increase mana.

Double-click or dragging the pets, elves will be configured into the Magic circle,  each pet will be transferred property in proportion to the characters which makes stronger!



Day 4: The Ranking
Time: The 4th day when a new server is open
Summary: Yep! You are the most powerful hero! Go and beat the enemy whoever obstruct you!

Day 5: Guild Boost

Time: The 5th day when a new server is open

Summary: Friendship, loyalty, responsibility and hegemony, are what we are looking for and the reasons of building our family--Guild in Thundercall. Build your Guild with your friends and to be The one!


Day 6: King of Battle

Time: The 4th day when a new server is open

Summary: I roll the dice

         Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes

         Listen as the crowd would sing:

         " Long live the king!"


Day 7: The Wings

Time: The 4th day when a new server is open

Summary: These stunning additions to Thundercall will not only give a player’s character a new look, but also offer a boost in character stats as well. Each set of wings gives the player the same amount in terms of battle stat improvements, so to pick the one which you like most!