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Thundercall Server Merge Announcement Nov. 15th

Dear players:

In order to further improve your gaming experience, we will be merging a few servers. The server merge is scheduled for Nov. 15th. Please prepare for this time to avoid unnecessary loss. The time and servers to be merged are the following:

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 Related servers

Merge time

First merge


EDT: Nov. 15th, 00:00 - 06:00,

Second merge


Third merge



Matters needing attention:

Game Login

After the merge, you must login through your original server. If you have more than one character on your account, then you will be able to login to the newly merged server from the original server.

Recharging Notice

When recharging, you must still select the original server as Diamonds will be sent to your character on the original server. (The same server from before the merge)

 Special Rules

     1.  After servers are merged, if two characters share the same name from different servers, the name of the characters will have a postfix. Players with the same name as others will receive a Name Card.
2. After servers are merged, if you have Guilds sharing the same name on different servers , the name of the guilds will have a postfix. The Guild Master of the Guilds with  the same name with others will have a chance to rename their Guild..

Account Deletion Protocol

In order to optimize the server environment and provide a smoother gaming experience for you, we will be deleting some characters during the merge:

1. Characters that are both lower than level 20 which haven’t logged in for the last 7 days and the account has not recharged any amount will be deleted.

2. After the merge, rankings will be recalculated. All ranking related titles will be reset.


After the merge, all players (registered for more than 7 days) will receive a gift pack in their in-game mailbox. You can find the gift pack attached to the message after logging into the game.




Thundercall Operations Team

November 7th, 2017